The Friendly Group

Organization of the Friendly Group, 2010-2017:

Friendly Development 
works with renewal through social creativity. Here, we use self-empowerment processes as a potent tool for developing new idéas and projects – in close collaboration with stakeholders deeply affected by the current structural change, mostly long-term unemployed.

Friendly Development Group ekf (coop under Swedish law) *

Friendly Foundation
holds legal and artistic rights to the Friendly Concept and houses all R&D in the Friendly Group.

Friendly Foundation AB | org# 556827-5332 | BG:148-0953

Friendly Sverige 
functions as a flexible incubator/excubator, where we transform projects to Friendly enterprises in a get-real situation. This is also our centre for economy, administration and marketing.

Friendly Sverige AB * 

Kamrer Direkt
is the first incorporated company that has made the transition from Friendly project to enterprise. Besides traditional bookkeeping Services, this enterprise matches former administrative employees (which have been losing their jobs in large numbers) with needs in the small-scale business community and in the third sector. 

Kamrer Direkt AB (The Instant Bookkeeper) | org# 556894-6338 | Åhuskärrsvägen 40, 29692 Yngsjö, Sweden |

is developing innovative insulation products, manufactured from sheep’s wool. This project is now entering the market for eco-friendly building materials, and engages a number of people in Friendly Development. The aim is to become a self-sustained social business in the near future.

Isolen: a project within the Friendly Development Group, registered as an NGO **

is Friendly space for iterations, urbanism, art, interventions, politics and play.
Collaborative space, designed for co-creation, constant process, space expansion, social creativity and so on… hot stew! ****

* Closed down in 2020
**Closed down in 2018
*** Project finished in 2015
**** Project finished in 2014